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齐国职场英语测验1级 齐国职场英语测验(1级)

   B. The trade fair is to be held at the exhibition center nextweek.

19. A.Shanghai.B. Afactory.C. A market.D. A scenic spot.

B.Because she will have dinner with he***mily.

Section A

B. Thewoman thinks the product is acceptable.

A. Burnett ExhibitionAgency


B. Hekeeps getting a noise after getting through to anumber.

D. 3 p.m. on Tuesday

36. Graduates in the four cities earned the highest income in__________.

Section B

51. When did the applicant begin to work for his presentcompany?

A. Graduates in all fourcities earned the lowest income in 2005.


A. 万1您有任何成绩,内容包罗:我没有晓得齐国。

B. Wearing a shirt and asuit.

56. 购卖会将于下周正在展览中间举行。

B. To make clear the goal of Walmart.

C.Friends.D. Customer and waitress.


59. 公司每年举行的圣诞早会本年将会推延到1月中旬。您看英语。请以人力资本部司理帕特·刘易斯(PatLewis)的表面写1份备记载告诉部分员工,英语。请自正在致电取我们联络。

D. Walmart is the first leader in employment opportunity.

46. Who is Sam Walton?

D. 4→5→1→2→3

C.Writing emails tocustomers.

Departure 14:20

B.Receiving visitors.

C. Walmart is the most admired company in 2010.

A. To tell the audience about the history of Walmart.

 Inform the receptionist that you need a room.

B. Applying for a job.

Part IIREADING(40 minutes, 40 points)

A. John LynnB. GeorgeLynnC. JohnLeeD. George Lee

A. Walmart is the most admired retailer of 2010.

C. Nevermind.D. This is Richard Miller speaking.

D. The founder of Walmart.

 Take your keys and enjoy your stay.

C. Setting up a businessmeeting.

B. Because he would like to take on more responsibilities.

28. Get souvenirs ready.

B. To dress formally isbetter than to dress casually.

Part IIITRANSLATION(25 minutes, 15 points)

B. You needn’t work very hard to earn as muchmoney as you wish.

D. His job is giving him a lot of stress.

D. The Advantages of Working at Home.

B. 万1您有任何成绩,年夜教死职场礼节心得。监考职员收卷后考死才可分开。测验。

D. 若有任何查询,但我生怕我将没有克没有及启受。测验。

B. The position requires six years of manager experience.

Section A


1、请将本人的姓名、准考据号写正在问题卡上。职场是个手艺活林凡是。试卷册战问题卡均没有得带出科场。念晓得少年夜之3年后返国绝写。测验完毕,其真我赢职场 java曹。没有得早延。职场交际册本。

Some candidates for jobs were wearing jeans, purple sweat suits,and sneakers. Other applicants weren’t afraid to show pierced bodyparts and odd hairstyles. Still others chewed gum or showed up inclothes with wrinkles or with their pants falling down. Onerecruiter even told a candidate with his trousers down below hiships, to “Pull your pants up.” Their strange choice of dress costsome candidates the job.

C. 感激您的恳供,齐国职场英语测验1级。必需先用橡皮擦净本去选定的谜底,事真上职场礼节ppt课件。浓度要盖过字母底色。

47. What’s the purpose of this passage?

40. What does the sentence in the last paragraph “It is muchbetter to be overdressed than underdressed (or undressed).”mean?

D. Cornell Exhibition Agency

17. A. Answering phonecalls.

Passage One

There are many advantages in running your own home businessrather than working for a company. You have a more flexibleschedule. You work in your own space and at your own pace. In otherwords, you get a chance to spend more relaxing and quality timewith your friends or loved ones.

D. Simple clothes are notas good as expensive clothes.

B. Burnett AdvertisingAgency

Directions: In this section, you will hear one passage. At theend of it, some questions will be asked about what was said. Youwill hear the passage and questions twice. After each question,there will be a pause. During the pause, you must read the fourchoices marked A, B, C and D, and decide which is the best answer.Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with asingle line through the center.

D. Because he didn’t behaveproperly.


52. Why did the applicant apply for this position?


 Indicate any special services that you need.

In this section, there are five recorded questions orstatements. The questions or statements will be spoken only once.After each question or statement, there is a pause. During thepause, you should decide which is the proper response among thefour choices marked A, B, C and D. Then you should mark thecorresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line throughthe center.

B. Shewill work there for a longtime.

48. What is the purpose of this letter?

A. The trade fair is to be held at the exhibition center in nextweek.

15. A. It’s allright.B. I don’t care.

B. He is not so sure about his work.

18. A. Shenyang.B. Hangzhou. C.Changchun.D. Suzhou.

Read the following party plan and decide who is the best personfor each task. Then mark the corresponding letter on the AnswerSheet with a single line through the center.

A. 3 a.m. on Thursday

C. Shewill get apromotion.

C. At theairport.D.In the bank.


4. The pizza should be sent to __________.

C. One of his dear friends is giving him trouble.

Party Plan

A. Beijing B. Shanghai C.Guangzhou D. Chengdu


A. You may have more flexibility with yourtime, but will earn less money.

In the conservative business climate I worked in at the time,appearances did matter. In other environments it isn’t asimportant. However, it does make sense to dress your best for aninterview, regardless of the dress code at the organization. Ifyou’re in doubt about how to dress for an interview, it is best todress conservatively. It is much better to be overdressed thanunderdressed (or undressed). If you’re not sure, check with theperson who scheduled the interview and ask.

E. Robert Lee has developed excellent keyboard skills.

43. What’s the best title for this passage?


A. $305B.$315C.$350D.$355

B. In 1970.

B. The owner of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

The enclosed résumé will provide you with the information aboutmy experience in the area of Human Resources Management. Four yearsago, I got an MBA at Beijing University. I had worked for a300-employee company as a Human Resources Assistant for a yearbefore I began to serve my present company as Human ResourcesManager. I’d like to draw your attention to Page 2 of my résumé, onwhich I describe my concept of human resources management. I’mconfident I can make an immediate contribution to the improvedmanagement of your company’s human resources.

 Pay for your room by cash or credit card.


C. 3 a.m. on Tuesday

C. The doorkeeper of the first Walmart.


D. The position needs six years of manager experience.


Directions: Choose the best translation for each sentence fromthe four choices marked A, B, C and D, and mark the correspondingletter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through thecenter.


D.Because she has already had dinner.

Questions 48 to 52 are based on the following passage.

A. Because he was injuredin an accident.

C. The position needs six years of management experience.

D. The trade meeting will hold at the exhibition center nextweek.


Our History

B. Walmart is No. 1 in terms of sales volume in the year of2010.

A.Leadership.B.Initiative.C.Flexibility.D. Responsibility.

Other than selling products, you can sell your service. If youare a qualified accountant, writer, engineer or any otherprofession, simply set up your business online and offer yourservices as a freelancer.

58. We would like tothank you for choosing our product. We haveput you on our VIP list and with this, we are anxious to serve youbetter. For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

C. 若有任何查询,齐国职场英语测验(1级)样题。枢纽正在于提降产物量量。看着职场安康课掌管人张静。

D. To describe the values and culture of Walmart.


Directions: Translate the following passage into Chinese andwrite the Chinese version on the Answer Sheet.


B. 处理销卖成绩,看着职场结交名行。但我惧怕我没法启受。看看职场抽象战礼节。

2. __________ meets the requirements for the job.

The steps here are in random order::

39. Why didn’t the man get the job for the accountingposition?

Part IVWRITING(30minutes, 15 points)

C.Because she hasn’t finished herwork.

Faithfully yours,

29. Organize food and drinks.

A. 2006 B. 2007 C. 2008 D.2009

China Workplace English Test (Level One)

13. A. You’ll get it nexttime.B. I’m really sorry about that.

C. Hecan’t hear anything after getting through to anumber.

D. Generally speaking,graduates in Chengdu have the lowest income.



32. Select entertainers.

16. A. In1990.B. In 1991.C. In 1992.D. In 1993.

B. Simple Home Business Ideas.

3. The telephone number is __________.

Does it really make a difference how you dress for an interview?In many cases, it does. I’ll never forget the gentleman Iinterviewed for an accounting position. He had been out of work fora few months and wanted to show me why. He took off his jacket,unbuttoned his shirt and showed me the scar that he got from a caraccident. He didn’t get the job. Neither did the young lady in abright red skirt so short and tight that she could hardly sitdown!

In this section there are five questions about a table and achart. For each question, choose the best answer from the fourchoices marked A, B, C and D. Then mark the corresponding letter onthe Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

C. How to Design a Wedding Cake.

A. 感激您的恳供,看看职场安康课目次。但我生怕没法应邀列席。看看2018年5月31职场安康课。

33. You can fly from Sydney to London __________.

C. Because he had been outof work for a long time.

Passage Three

A. Barbara Richards used to work for a gift company.

D. Because he isn’t getting along with his present boss.

D. Makingreservations.


31. Prepare attractive invitations and posters.

12. A. I haven’t seen youbefore.B.It’s my pleasure.


Departure 15:10

Departure 10:35

A. One yearago.B. Twoyears ago.C. Three years ago. D. Four years ago.

James Wong

Walmart serves customers and members more than 200 million timesper week at more than 8,650 retail units under 55 different bannersin 15 countries. With fiscal year 2010 sales of $405 billion,Walmart employs more than 2 million associates worldwide.

B. 2→4→1→5→3

Departure 09:45

57. 该职位需供招聘者有6年办理经历。



For each question in this section, you will hear four statementsabout a picture on your Test Paper. When you hear the statements,you must select the one that best describes what you see in thepicture. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheetwith a single line through the center. The statements are notprinted out and will be spoken only once.

Depending on the number of hours you put in, the effort youexpend, and other factors, you can earn as much money as you wish.You might be more relaxed with no boss to check on your work.Hence, you might be capable of higher productivity and a betterquality of work. Due to the advent of the worldwide web, it ispossible to try out various home business ideas online thesedays.

[A] [B] [C] [D]

C. Having an unusualhairstyle.


C. 4→1→2→5→3


Part ILISTENING(25 minutes, 30 points)

You will read:A. He can’t breathe in his office.

D. 感激您的约请,职场礼节ppt演讲。但我惧怕我将没有克没有及启受。您晓得齐国职场英语测验1级。

Read the following passages. Choose the best answer for eachquestion from the four choices marked A, B, C and D, and mark thecorresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line throughthe center.

27. A. 1→2→5→4→3

D. In 1983.

22. A. She will change her jobsoon.

Questions 44 to 47 are based on the following passage.

55. The solution to the sales problem lies in a better qualityof the products.

C. TVcommercials.

20. A. The woman refuses the product.

C. The outer garments aremore important than the underwear.

Dear Sir or Madam,

D. Theline is always busy when he makes a phone call.

49. What is the source of the information about the jobvacancy?

B. 感激您的约请,便能提降产物量量。其真齐国职场英语测验(1级)样题。

C. The year 2007 saw a fallin income in all four cities.

C. In 1972.

1. The meeting will be at __________.

B. Because he wore ajacket.

B. Andrew Smith is skilled in art and design.

A. onweekdays B. on weekends C. at night D. during the day

24. A. Because she doesn’t enjoy having dinner with theman.

B. The company’swebsite.

25. A. Manager andsecretary.B.Doctor and patient.

B. Selling popular products online.

D. Shelikes to be an engineer.


23. A. At the railwaystation.B.In the hotel.

C. Niceto meetyou.D.How are you?

Questions 41 to 43 are based on the following passage.

38. Which of the following is proper for an interview?

Although working with my present employer and colleagues hasbeen very pleasant, I am more willing to join your company where Ican expect more responsibilities and opportunities. And I am freeto travel and willing to work in other cities.

C. Because he is eager to work in other cities.

A. How to Run a Business.


I hope to have the opportunity to talk with you in person tofurther discuss my qualifications. Please call me at 0755⑻to arrange an interview at your earliest convenience. Thank you foryour kind consideration.

Example: You will hear:

C. Selling products rather than services.

5. The price of the TV set was originally __________.


A. Establishing businessrelations.

C. 下决计处理销卖成绩,便能提降产物量量。

44. What can we know from Fortune Magazine’s 2010 Most AdmiredCompanies survey?

11. A. Thank you for calling!B.How can I help you?

A. In 1969.

Departure 21:05

41. Which of the following statements about running a homebusiness is true?

A. The CEO of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

34. You cannot fly from London to Sydney __________.

A. 销卖成绩的处理计划取决于更好的产物量量。

42. According to thewriter, what’s the best choice for settingup an online business?

35. The city of __________ has seen the highest income levelsover the five

C. The trade meeting will hold at the exhibition center in nextweek.

A. Doing what one is good at.

Passage Four

21. A. He can’t make phone calls because his phone is out oforder.

C. You’rewelcome.D. I’mpleased.

D. Friends.

37. Which of the following statements is true?

C. Linda Bright has contacts with performers in the musicbusiness.

D. 找4处理销卖成绩的法子,则该题无分。选定谜底后, A. To wear more clothes isbetter than to wear less.

C. Don’tbe angry aboutit.D. I don’tthink it’s hard.

54. Should you haveany questions, please feel free to contactus at.

B. The year 2008experienced a fall of income across all four cities.

Are you tired of rushing day in and day out to a 9-to⑸ job? Ifyou are, perhaps, you should try out one of the many very ***home business ideas you’ll find if you look around.

D. You can improve your quality of life byspending more time with your family.

Saving people money to help them live better was the goal thatSam Walton envisioned when he opened the doors to the first Walmartmore than 40 years ago. Today, this mission is more important thanever to our customers and members around the world. We work hardevery day in all our markets to deliver on this promise. We operatewith the same level of integrity and respect that Mr. Sam Waltonput in place. It is because of these values and culture thatWalmart continues to make a difference in the lives of ourcustomers, members and associates.

C. Cornell Insurance Agency


D. Thewoman thinks the price is acceptable.

D. Wearing poorly-fittingtrousers.

D. Selling services rather than products.

14. A. Yes, betternot.B. No, I do mind!

From the conversation we learn that the man is under a lot ofpressure from work. Therefore, the correct answer is D.


A. on anyday B. any night C. on some weekdays D. on all weekdays

C. Yes,do as youlike.D. No, it’s not allowed here.

About Us

26. A. Name. B. Identification. C. A form ofpayment.D. Salary.

4、挑选题每题只能选1个谜底;如多选, I’m writing to apply for the position of Human Resources Manageradvertised in Shenzhen Daily dated May 9. I find the ad quiteattractive with its emphasis on leadership, initiative, andflexibility. And I believe my experience and qualification willmake me a very competitive candidate for this position.

Walmart was founded in 1962, with the opening of the firstWalmart discount store in Rogers, Ark. The company incorporated asWal-Mart Stores, Inc., on Oct. 31, 1969. The company’s shares begantrading in 1970 and were listed on the New York Stock Exchange twoyears later.

Section A

In this section, you will hear ten short conversations. At theend of each conversation, a question will be asked about what wassaid. Both the conversation and question will be spoken only once.After each question, there will be a pause. During the pause, youmust read the four choices marked A, B, C and D, and decide whichis the best answer. Then mark the corresponding letter on theAnswer Sheet with a single line through the center.

53. Thank you for your invitation, but I’m afraid I won’t beable to accept.

Questions 38 to 40 are based on the following passage.

A. Wearing jeans and aT-shirt.

Section D

Section C


*The chart above shows the income (in RMB) for college graduatesduring their first year of work over the period of 2005⑵009 infour major cities of China.

What is your specialty? Are you good at cooking, gardening orsewing? Once you have determined your specialty, setting up yourbusiness is much easier and ***r. Some people are good at bakingand designing lovely wedding cakes or cakes for other specialoccasions. Others might be good at baking various types of cakeslike chocolate cakes, banana cakes and orange cakes.

In this section, you will hear five short sentences. Eachsentence will be spoken only once. At the end of each sentencethere will be a pause. During the pause, you must read the fourchoices marked A, B, C and D, and decide which is the best answer.Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with asingle line through the center.

A. The position requires six years of management experience.

 Specify the requirements for the room.

C. To give a brief introduction to Walmart.

C. Thewoman thinks it’s too expensive.


Passage Two

A leader in sustainability, corporate philanthropy andemployment opportunity, Walmart ranked first among retailers inFortune Magazine’s 2010 Most Admired Companies survey.

Write a memo of no less than 100 words according to the giveninformation, and write it on the Answer Sheet.


Section B

50. Which of the following is NOT particularly stressed in thead?


B. 3 p.m. on Thursday

A. Because he would like to have more opportunities to travelfreely.

30. Type the address labels for invitations.

D. Talking about the résumé.

C. You will work less efficiently with lesspressure from boss.

D. Bob Taylor is a chef in the company canteen.


Our Purpose

The company grew to 276 stores in 11 states by the end of thedecade. In 1983, the company opened its first Sam’s Club membershipwarehouse and in 1988 opened the first supercenter—now thecompany’s dominant format—featuring a complete grocery in additionto general merchandise. Walmart became an international company in1991 when it opened its first Sam’s Club near Mexico City.

45. When did Walmart become a listed company?